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Hire PSO Security Services in Mumbai
Hire PSO Security Services in Mumbai
Hire PSO Security Services in Mumbai

WENS Force's Elite Armed Security Officer: PSO

WENS Force’s Elite Task Force of Personal Bodyguards provided in PSO security services in Mumbai is the number one choice for High-Network Individuals such as CEOs and Executives, International Delegates, Politicians, Business Tycoons, International Influencers, and Celebrities. These individuals faced several threats immediately eliminated with the help of the WENS Force’s PSO Security Services in Mumbai.


Such Individuals are always on high alert due to their high income as well as high influence status in society and fall prey to life-threatening circumstances and unnecessary following and stalking by strangers.

That’s where our PSO Security Officers make the difference, as they stand apart from ordinary private security personnel. Our PSO Security Officers come from backgrounds that endure rigorous training protocols and are specifically from Commando Security: the Indian Army and Indian Navy services such as Parra Commandos, Marcos Commandos, NSG Commandos (aka Black Cat Commandos), Cobra Commandos, and SPG Force.


High-Profile Security and PSO Services in Mumbai

Looking for a bodyguard or complete security solutions for your high-profile lifestyle? WENS Force is your go-to choice, offering executive close protection services you can trust in Mumbai and India.


We go beyond protection with our top-class offerings:


  • We have armed security services for comprehensive and robust security solutions, including immediate threat analysis and disposition of challenges and threats.
  • Discreet luxury concierge services ensure a seamless and secure lifestyle, with a low profile and low visibility even while travelling throughout the city with permits and access to private roads and end-to-end resolution of itinerary planning hotel booking.
  • Close protection services for assured safety during travel and private events, in and around the city, providing peace of mind anywhere you go.
  • Top-class discretion with our VIP security detail protocols and due diligence to serve to protect with our Bouncer and Bodyguards Elite Task Force in Mumbai.

WENS Force supplicates where discretion meets diversity in PSO security.

WENS Force caters to a discerning clientele. We offer:

Elevate your experience
 with our additional services:


Contact us today, and bring in a game-changer for PSO Security and Armed PSO Services in Mumbai and get a Free Consultation with us and a tailored plan as per your needs and requirements.

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