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WENS Force provided hired armed PSO In Delhi. The PSO bodyguard services are supplied to VIP clients.

Get Secure with Armed PSO In Delhi

The role of an Armed PSO is to ensure the safety of the individual they are assigned to protect against threats. These officers are adept at carrying out their duties as part of a team, whether providing security on a basis or an assignment basis. The most important factor while hiring Armed PSO bodyguards is that they must be verified, trustworthy, and integral to the company.

WENS Force is your trusted partner for armed PSO security services across Delhi. Our team of highly trained and experienced armed PSO security and personal bodyguards is dedicated to ensuring your safety and peace of mind. With a reputation built on excellence, discretion, and professionalism, we’ve had the privilege of serving a diverse clientele, including high-profile individuals, corporate executives, and government officials who have chosen to hire Elite Armed bodyguard services in Delhi from us.

What are the types of Armed PSO in Delhi?

We provide trained and verified Armed PSO Services for protection and safeguarding in Delhi.

Executive Protection: We provide security and protection high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats, and dignitaries. Our team of experienced armed PSO bodyguards is in Delhi.

Event Security: Armed PSO services provide security at various events such as conferences, concerts, festivals, and private parties.

Close Protection: PSOs provide close protection to individuals requiring constant security due perceived threats or risks to their safety.

Vital Factors to CheckBefore Hiring an Armed PSO in Delhi?

Ensure the Delhi authorities have issued the required license and certifications for the armed guard’s employment. Confirm the guard is trained in firearms, self-defense, and first aid.

Frequently Asked Questions For Armed PSO in Delhi?

1. What are the charges for the armed PSO security services? 

Armed PSO security services charge  ₹40,000 based on your proficiency and experience. WENS Force offers armed PSO security services in Delhi. The charges are based on the client’s requirements. The armed PSOs should carry their gun licences at all times.

2. Which individuals are provided with armed PSO security?

High-profile individuals, including politicians, celebrities, business executives, and those facing specific threats; corporate executives during trips or events; and any entity requiring enhanced security measures due to their status.

3. Armed PSO Gunmen are provided in which cities?

We provide armed personal protection for HNIs and VIPs at events in prime locations in India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. We also serve locations in Delhi NCR, such as Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad.

4. What experience does a PSO guard hold? 

The PSO guards at WENS Force have over 15 years of experience in the Indian Armed Forces and Indian Navy as NSG Commandos, Para Commandos, Marcos Commandos, Cobra Commandos, or SPG Force.

5. What type of weapons do the gunmen use on duty?

These weapons used could include pistols, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and machine guns. Each firearm type has its characteristics and regulations surrounding its possession and use.

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WENS Force provided hired armed PSO In Delhi. The PSO bodyguard services are supplied to VIP clients.
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